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Total Glove Company Sdn Bhd (Total Glove) concluded with the Dutch based research and development company BUDEV B.V. an exclusive license agreement to commercialize latex examination and surgical gloves treated with the breakthrough MPXX™ technology

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The MPXX™ technology encompasses a unique washing process for natural rubber latex (NRL) products, aiming to eliminate all proteins, including the proteins clinically proven to cause latex allergy cases (Hev b1, Hev b3, Hev b5 and Hev b6.02), to unquantifiable levels.Furthermore migratable N-nitrosames as well as chemical residues are reduced to undetectable levels.

The lowest quantitation levels as determined by FITkit (ASTM D7427-08) for the four clinically relevant NRL allergens are: Hev b1 < 0,05 g/g; Hev b3 < 0,05 g/g; Hev b5 < 0,025 g/g; Hev b6.02 < 0,025 g/g. All gloves treated with the MPXX™ technology show results that are unquantifiable under FITkit.